The Expectations Project


Early Education Summit Attracts 500 Faith and Community Leaders

Research shows that children with access to quality child care are more successful in school and in life. In Indiana, The Expectations Project has joined with community partners to help raise awareness about the need for increasing both the supply of and the demand for high quality early childhood education.

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Bringing Together Superintendents and Parents in Indianapolis

For the first time in its history, Indianapolis’ Marion County has five African American superintendents at the helm, united in the goal of closing the academic achievement gap. Seizing on this moment, The Expectations Project, in partnership with Light of the World Christian Church, hosted an event aimed at bringing these superintendents together with parents of school aged children from across Indianapolis.

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Barna FRAMES launch draws 20,000 into the faith and education conversation

The Barna Group, a Christian polling agency, has built a reputation as a trusted analyst of faith and culture. It recently launched a new project called FRAMES, a collection of short books highlighting the essential data behind nine of today’s most crucial trends—including a timely perspective on the state of America’s public schools, authored by The Expectations Project founder and president, Nicole Baker Fulgham.

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